Working Principle of Vertical Ring Rolling Machine

The ring ring machine works as shown above. The ring blank 2 with required temperature put on the  mandrel 5, and ring rolling wheel 1 moves downwards under the action of the hydraulic cylinder P. After touch with the ring blank, the ring blank begins to deform.

At this moment, the ring blank and the roller roll rotate under the action of the friction force F, the ring blank is compressed, the wall thickness gradually decreases, the metal extends along the tangential direction (there is a small amount of broadening in the axial direction), and the ring blank is in the free state of extension deformation. When the outer diameter of the ring blank comes into contact with the fixed thrust roller 4, the reaction force of the thrust roller causes the outer diameter of the ring blank to increase while bending deformation occurs, pushing the geometric center of the ring blank to the left of the center line of the machine and making The expansion process proceeds smoothly. When the outer diameter of the ring blank is increased to the pre-adjusted signal roller 3, the rolling wheel can be returned upward and the forging is discharged to complete a working cycle.

forging ring

forging ring


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