cnc ring rolling machine

D51K-250E Ring rolling machine

D51K-250E CNC  hydraulic ring rolling machine  has the advantages of the original body, compact appearance good rigidity, high precision, compact structure, Safe and reliable, easy maintenance. Using the touch screen, PLC, proportional valve, servo amplifier, servo cylinder, grating ruler, etc. The D51KY type numerical control hydraulic ring rolling machine, through the touch screen input control parameters (can be preset control parameters), machining through the grating ruler to measure the position of the rolling Wheel and Work piece size, through the numerical control system to control the machining process. Because the process uses numerical control, it does not need manual intervention. It greatly improves the machining accuracy and stability of the work piece, and realizes semi-automatic and automatic processing, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Product Details
Ring nominal sizeODmm285
Max. capacitypic/h240
Nominal forceTon19.6
Slider max. strokemm110
Rolling line speedm/s1.63
Main shaft speedr.p.m62.3
Rolling wheel ODmm500-520
Rolling roller center heightmm875
Min distance between rolling wheel and rolling rollermm265
Servo motorkw5.5
Servo reduction ratioSatisfy productivity and quality requirement
Outside sizemm3440×2000×2700
Machine weightTon7.2

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