How to make forged ring

Usually we make forged rings by open die forging,closed die forging and rolled ring forging.

Ring rolling is a hot forging process that utilizes two rollers, one driven and one idle, to shape the metal until it becomes the shape and size of the desired part. This type of forging holds countless benefits that help create parts that are used in a wide range of industries in various applications

Advantages of the Ring Rolling forging Process
Advantage 1: Various shapes
One great benefit of this forging process is that it can create metal parts of various heights, diameters, and weights. Even the shapes of the components can be varied. This versatility enables parts to be created for specific needs and applications.
Advantage 2: Strength and Durability
Ring rolling is extremely effective in creating parts with high developmental and structural strength. Additionally, the produced components are also extremely durable, which numerous industries find very advantageous.
Advantage 3: Cost-Effective
Many companies and industries turn to ring rolling because it is one of the most cost-effective forging processes. The ring rolling machine can made the blank ring as the final product.It can save material and save labor cost.



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